Can You Surf In Oregon During The Winter?

Can You Surf In Oregon During The Winter?

It’s snowing in various parts of Oregon, the great thing about that is you can go skiing one day, fat biking the next and also add surfing to your list of things to do in Oregon during the winter months

If you’re thinking about going surfing in Oregon during the winter, this post will provide you with some tips for where to surf in Oregon during the winter including where the best spots area and how to prepare for cold winter surfing.

Where To Surf In Oregon During The Winter

The first thing to know about surfing in Oregon during the winter is the Pacific Ocean is going to be ice cold because Oregon’s rivers obviously feed into the ocean. Cold water means that you’re going to need a wet suit so it’s best to come prepared with a great wet suit so that you can easily suit up before heading out to surf.

Don’t have a wet suit? No problem! Destinations like Seaside have surf shops where you can rent a suit for the day and head out without freezing in the cold Pacific Ocean.

Here are some spots to go surfing during the winter in Oregon.

Seaside – We have a passion for Seaside because it’s close to Portland and also all of the great surf spots in Washington. If you plan on surfing at Seaside during the winter months make sure you get there early because it’s also a popular surf spot for surfers from all over the world who want to experience Oregon surfing when they visit the area.

Cannon Beach – Because the surf typically breaks right side of the beach in Cannon Beach awesome surfing is only possible when the waves are small and breaking cleanly. For newbies however, the close-in breaks offer excellent opportunities to work on popping up and standing in safe and shallow water.

Short Sands at Oswald West State Park – Just 15 minutes from Cannon Beach, this park is another great place to surf, especially if you’re a beginner! We like the waves here because they are consistent, short and also perfect for teaching children how to surf, during the summer months of course!

Besides these great surf spots, some of the other beaches that you should visit and surf at during the winter include Newport and Brookings.


Honor right of way. The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has right of way.

Don’t drop in. It’s not cool to take off on a wave a surfer with right of way is on or about to catch. Don’t be that person.

Paddle wisely. When paddling out, do so through a channel where the waves aren’t breaking and people aren’t surfing. And never paddle in front of someone riding a wave.

Hang on to your board. Most injuries are the result of contact with a surfboard, whether your own or someone else’s—so always maintain control and contact with your board.

Don’t be a snake. “Snaking” is when a surfer paddles around another surfer to position himself to get right of way for a wave.

Don’t be a wave hog. Just because you can catch all the waves doesn’t mean you should.

Apologize if you mess up. If you accidentally drop in or mess up someone’s wave, a quick apology goes a long way to reducing tension in a crowded lineup.

Respect the beach. Don’t litter, simple as that. Pack out what you pack in, and grab a few extra pieces of trash while you’re at it.

Not planning on surfing when you come to Oregon during the winter? No problem! It’s still a great time of year to come and watch the ocean waves safely while you’re inside your hotel room, hike on local trails or hangout with the cool people who call the Oregon Coast home.


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