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Oregon’s Economy Is Strong but Some Say Growth Is Slowing

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen strong economic growth over the last five years but thanks to recent economic news from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, it’s becoming more likely by the day that economic growth in Oregon is starting to slow. Why is statewide growth slowing? One answer to this problem is that

Pendleton Oregon Man’s Cat Found After Two Months at Oregon Rest Stop

  There’s no denying that cats are tough, we know this because they can survive anywhere, even in Eastern Oregon where temperatures can get very cold at night. For Antonio Martinez, he’s thankful that his four-year-old tabby, Korra, was able to survive the harsh conditions of Eastern Oregon after she escaped from his car during

Where to get Christmas trees in Oregon

We’re counting down the days until Christmas and if you’re like most people, you’re going to start decorating just as soon as you clean up the leftovers from Thanksgiving, right? 🙂 The good news about Oregon is that there are a wide variety of destinations to get Christmas trees from fresh cut, to store bought