Where Are the Best Skate parks In Portland?

Are you searching for information on the best skate parks in Portland Oregon? If so, you come to the right place!

Portland is a great place to go skateboarding because there are tons of skate parks to choose from! In this article, we will provide you with tips on which skate parks to visit in the PDX area especially if you’re new and are going to be skating here for the first time.

portland skatepark

Burnside Skate park

Located SE 2nd Ave in Portland in Portland, Burnside Skatepark is one of the oldest skate parks in the PDX area and really the first concrete skatepark in the United States because PDX skaters first started building the park with their own concrete and it grew into what it is today.

The great thing about this skatepark is that it’s covered thanks to the highway bridge that’s over it so you can easily skate here all year long and it has lights so if you’re in the mood for skateboarding late at night there’s no better place to be.

Portland Mt Hood - Hoodie

Commonwealth Skate park

Commonwealth Skatepark is located at 1425 SE 20th Ave in Portland. We love this skate park because it’s indoors so we can skate here all year long. What’s even better is that it’s part skate shop so whenever we need a new board, wheels or gear, Commonwealth is the place to be for all of our skateboarding needs.

Glenhaven Skatepark

Another great skate park to visit is Glenhaven, this skate park is located at 7900 NE Siskiyou St in Glenhaven park so there’s always going to be a fair amount of people here during the year warmer months in Portland. 

Glenhaven skate park offers a lot of options for skateboarders to choose from including a smooth 6-9 peanut bowl, bank to ledge options and a 10-foot vert quarter in the middle of the street section.

This skate park can get crowded when schools in session since it’s located near a school so it’s best to get here early if you’re planning on doing some skating during the week.

Besides the three skate parks that we’ve listed in this article, some of the other skate parks that you should consider visiting include Eric Benedict and Alberta Skate Spot.

If you have a favorite skate spot in Portland feel free to let us know by leaving a comment on this post!